Of Palaces & Royal Cappuccinos.


My visit to Abu Dhabi came with somewhat of a challenge . This being in the form of a very special cup of coffee.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a bling freak and whist researching I learned of a signature beverage belonging to a palace which know boasts the title of a five star hotel.  My mission was to gain entry into this fine establishment. To my amazement the cruise that  I’m on offered an excursion which would not only allow me access into this marvel but would include a a “high tea”. The cherry on top of the  proverbial cake.

Upon arrival at the palace  one is transported into a world of glitz , glamour and above all gold. The true magnificence of this landmark can never be credited in words and is something that would need to be witnessed in order to be appreciated.

We were escorted to our table only to be welcomed by the most spectacular high tea display that was fit for royalty. Tiers of edible delights took centre stage only to be out shadowed by the elaborate gold china that adorned the table . I glanced at the beverage menu and there it was, The Emirates Palace Cappuccino…

I immediately ordered it!




This tiny beverage sums up the entirety of this hotels uniqueness and captivating ora. A delectable cappuccino sprinkled with pure gold leaf stood before me. I hesitated  to drink it because i knew that by doing this I would spoil its beauty.

I then came to my senses and added my two sugars and it was over. Yes, it was beautiful but for 60 Dirhams a gulp I was not going to let this elixir go cold on me.

Ridiculous cappuccinos  aside, the high tea selection was equally satisfying. My favourite was the rose infused marshmallow with a vanilla sponge base petit four.  My son did the business in terminating all four scones while my wife and daughter had to fight over the cucumber sandwiches.




I my self was still trapped in this hotels enchantment. Unfortunately the day at the palace had to come to an end, but I will never forget what an experience it was.




I don’t think I will ever witness this out of this world experience again, probably because a cup of coffee warranted a call for authorisation from my credit card provider…



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