The upper crust of ice-cream…

If you are lucky enough to live in Durban or its surrounds, then you have the luxury of enjoying the magnificence that is Era ice-cream. The frozen delight has been taken to a new level by this fine treatery.  Ice cream’s have been christened with names as elaborate as “Pablo Picasso’s Peanut Butter”IMG_4248 or “Winston Churchill’s Chocolate rum and raisen” , just two of a list that leaves your spoilt for choice and salivating whilst reading.  Owner Penny Fitchet, a former Masterchef contestant has managed to captivate you,  before the first spoonful has reached your lips.

The parlour also boasts a flavour of the month option, and I had the privilege of devouring July’s offering of “Carrot Cake” flavoured ice cream. Speechless.

As friendly as she is passionate about her product she allowed me to photograph her ice cream parlour, which also boasts a cake display of note. Chatting ,whilst her choux buns rose silently in the mini oven behind her , she introduced us to her Ice-Cream Tart, sheer brilliance, for who could resist such a creation.



Era ice cream tarts.

So if like me, you don’t live near by, trust me make a point of visiting Era Ice Cream next time you are in the area.

Era Ice Cream HQ can be found at COWEY CENTRE , 118 Cowie Road, Morningside Durban.

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