Three…Two..One. Voilà!

Welcome to JustTeddy

Finally we are up and running.

What has been a labour of love is now a reality. “JustTeddy” is the birth child of countless hours of deciding what to do after the huge success of the Great South African Bakeoff.

The response that I have received post bakeoff has been fantastic and it is truly a humbling experience when a complete stranger walks up to you and compliments you on your effort, skill and creativity.  My life has always been dedicated to food in some form or another and although I don’t work directly in the industry it forms a huge part of who I am.  From as early as I can remember I  loved baking, and I knew I had a serious addiction when I would rather get a new cake mixer at the age of ten as apposed to the latest toy craze!

Now you might ask: “why the name?”.

Its simple, at the onset of the bakeoff I was new to the world of social media (never really having the time for it) but with the competition it was a requirement and so I dived in only to become somewhat addicted.  I was mesmerised by the whole concept and in particular with the “hashtag” usage, to the annoyance of my children I might add.  When I posted I had to add hashtags relating to the competition, but now that the whole spectacle has subsided well…

it’s “JustTeddy” that’s left behind.

Life recently has been focused around helping out my son with his Pop-up Neapolitan pizzeria, Pilgrim’s Pizza (that has recently been renamed to Pionieri Pizzeria) at “The Melville Night Market, 27 Boxes” and “The Neighbourgoods Market, Braamfontein”

I  must admit I have fallen in love with the whole street/market food scene and I hope to draw a lot  of inspiration for this blog  from the wonderful traders and IMG_4053visitors that I have met at these fantastic markets.  I hope to fill many a page with a variety of food, drink and baked goods that come out of these establishments  and paying homage to the shear hard work that these traders put into their craft.

If you happen to be at one of these markets and spot me (most often been overworked and abused by my son)  please come over and say “hi” it will be an honour to meet you.

I thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and I hope that you will  take this journey with me. I confess that I’m no Shakespeare, and my spelling at time can be a bit doggy at best , but there is one thing I know and that is I’m passionate about food  and all things relating to it. With that kind of  thinking I believe anything is  possible!  I will endeavour to discover, photograph and document all things culinary and if you are a “foodie” you will no doubt appreciate what you will read and see as I fill the categories that I have based my blog upon.

You will see that I have included  a “put it to the test” section, where I will  be on occasion putting my own spin on some of the creations and recipes that I discover, as well as a “kitchen gear” section where I will find, test and rate the new and old – the expensive and cheap in culinary equipment.  It is in this department that I feel most  at home as I pretty much have every baking tin, coffee machine, and well; every kitchen tool probably ever invented: (some say addiction  I say heaven!) While it will take time to build each category, I guarantee you will be entertained every step of the way .

To conclude the introduction of this new endeavour I have left the best for last. To coincide with the launch of “just teddy” I will be leaving on a culinary tour of the Middle East and have chosen to officially launch this site with a travel journal as I make my way  from Dubai to Beirut with  a couple of stops in-between, capturing the alluring charm that only the Middle East has to offer!

Bags packed, gold shoes on, passport in hand  JustTeddy departs for Dubai on Friday 11 March …


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Catch my first official blog from Dubai on Saturday 12 March 2016.


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